Digital strategy & online advertising  for established businesses ready to scale

If you want to hire a Facebook™ Ads management agency, it’s a big decision and investment. How do you know you need to hire it out? Why not do-it-yourself? Or give the job to your Virtual Assistant?  Here are 3 signs you need to hire a Facebook™ Ads management company.

#1: Your time is worth more than $100/hr

If you’re just beginning and you are doing everything and not making much money – than perhaps you need to DIY your ads.

However, at some point you’re going to need to let some tasks go.

Which tasks do you let go first? And is Facebook™ advertising one of them?

Make a list of all the tasks you do. Then, categorize the tasks as a $15-50/hr, a $100-200/hr and $1000+/hr.

What falls in the $1000/hr mark? Any tasks in the categories of Creating, Connecting and Selling. For example:

  • Creating passive income products
  • Being a guest on a podcast
  • Selling your services and coaching packages

As an entrepreneur, you should spend your energy on the $1000+/hr tasks and hire out everything else.

#2. You have a large advertising budget or you want to scale to a larger budget

As you increase your advertising budget, you need to up level your skill set to ensure you are maximizing your return on advertising spend (ROAS). Investing in training costs you time and money.

It can be risky to try to scale your budget on your own. Have you heard about the accounts that have been growing and growing, and then all of a sudden they stall out? If you try to scale too fast, you can risk the success you’ve achieved by messing up your pixel data. It’s best to leave scaling to the marketing experts who know how to handle the Facebook™ algorithm.

Once you are investing over $1000/month on advertising, you need a professional to maximize your investment.

Our team is running Facebook™ ads every day. We know what’s working TODAY. We are on the pulse of the latest algorithm changes, creative trends and optimization tactics. Hiring an agency not only saves you time, it ensure that your dollars are being spent in the most effective way to make you a profit.

#3. It’s not in your zone of genius and doesn’t light you up

You only have so much energy in the day. If you’re devoting precious work hours to running your own Facebook™ads and it’s not lighting you up, you are wasting time and energy. Focus back on what you love – the real WHY behind your business – and you will make more money and be happier in the long term.

Because Facebook™ advertising isn’t your zone of genius, you are no longer saving money by doing it yourself. If running your own ads is not something you geek out on, don’t do it. Seriously, hire someone who LOVES this stuff. You can take that time you would have spent doing it yourself and re-invest in your business by creating new products or serving more clients.

Aligning with a Facebook™ ads agency allows you to develop a relationship built on long-term success and scaling. Making the investment can lead to much higher returns in the long run –  in all areas of your life and business.