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So you’ve hired a professional to run your Facebook™ advertising and you’re looking to get serious results?

Your job is not done.

These 7 tips will ensure your advertising dollars are leading to profitability.

Post on social media regularly

Yes, you’re investing in Facebook™ advertising, but don’t forget about your organic social reach. Currently, the algorithm favours businesses that engage in organic content in addition to advertising. Connect with your agency to learn what your current engagement goals should be.

Get regular customer reviews

Facebook™ Pages now feature customer reviews. Great reviews get rewarded. Your ads professional can include reviews in testimonial ads. Organic and paid traffic to your FB page will have instant trust. If you’re an e-commerce shop, you’ll also need reviews on your website and product pages.

Respond to comments on ads

Customers ask questions in the comments section of your ads. You need to answer those comments. Your advertising professional isn’t a customer service representative and won’t know how to answer the questions from your potential customers as well as you can. Need to know how to find those comments? We’ve made a video for you. Watch: How to Respond to Your Facebook Ad Comments

Create compelling ad creative

The ads you used last year won’t necessarily work this year. Keep your ads engaging by investing in a steady stream of videos and new images. If you are starting out, investing in creative doesn’t have to mean big $$. Sometimes the most realistic videos and images convert the best. For more info on ad creative specs, check out: Facebook Ads Guide: creative specs & technical requirements for ads

Switch to a Business Profile on Instagram

The benefits of an Instagram Business Profile are significant. You gain access Instagram Insights, the metrics where you can learn about your followers and how your organic content is performing. If you’re ecommerce, you can set up and tag your products to link directly back to your store. Instagram is also rolling out Branded Content – a concept that enables your Influencers to tag your products directly in their posts. Your advertising agency can check if this feature is available on your account.

Listen to the data

Many business owners start out with assumptions about their ideal customers and their buying behavior.  Don’t let your assumptions trump the data. The great thing about Facebook™ and Instagram advertising is the data. Need to know if customers are interested in your new product? Check the data. Is your landing page not converting? Check the data. Is it your product photography? Check the data. Is their a disconnect between your ads and your sales pages? Check the data. Who is buying? Are they buying Facebook™ or Instagram? Check the data. Your advertising agency should be providing you with reports that explain exactly how their strategy is being adapted based on your data.

Stay with it

Lost money your first month? Only breaking even by month three? That’s normal. While some ads are profitable running out the door, many advertising funnels take time to crack. Even in those months where you experience a loss – you have research and data to help you make decisions to improve your business. If you’ve hired an excellent FB ads professional and have a great product stick with it. Take those insights, pivot and watch your advertising turn around.

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