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Lindsey Bouffard

Steady Growth, Scalable Vision.

Combining her experience as a celebrity makeup artist with her life as a new mom, Lindsey created a makeup system to improve the lives of women. She knew balancing the demands of parenting with self-care wasn’t easy. Her passion for beauty and her empathy for busy moms like her lead Lindsey to enter the world of ecommerce.

When we met Lindsey, she was frustrated by the slow pace of building her business using influencer marketing and organic traffic. She watched others in her market achieve high levels of success by investing in Facebook™ and Instagram advertising and she was intrigued. Would a similar strategy work for her?

Lindsey needed an advertising solution that would allow her to reach more people and control her results through intentional investment.

During the next three months, our team worked closely with Lindsey to develop a sustainable sales funnel for her Ecommerce store. We tried a variety of creative elements and audiences. We tested multiple landing pages and analyzed the numbers to refine our results.

We discovered that Lindsey’s products resonated with a different age demographic than she previously targeted. As a result, we shifted her audience and modified our approach to better align with the data – and her sales grew.

Results were good – consistently generating 2x ad spend in sales each month. But, our goal was 4x. Frustrating…

Meanwhile, Lindsey received multiple pitches from other agencies. She was promised amazing results if she would just invest a bit more money and make a change. One company even promised to waive their monthly retainer fee and simply take a commission on results.

The promised results sounded pretty good to Lindsey, so she went for it. She changed agencies hoping the decision would create increased sales and speed the growth of her online store.

Within a month of shifting to another agency, the results became clear. Using the same ad spend, the new company was only able to generate $40 in sales! That single month of experimentation cost Lindsey more than just lost revenue. She lost time and momentum too. Lindsey learned an important lesson.

Scaling takes patience and an experienced team to strategize, analyze, and pivot. Trust us to help you get it right.

Promises aren’t results. Lindsey quickly returned to Ceaser & Bast because our approach delivers sustainable growth over time. She trusts us to create her long term vision of success, relying on our expertise to find the right strategy to scale her business to lasting financial success.

The proven path to success has multiple twists and turns. Work with a team that delivers real, consistent results every step of the way.


Lindsey’s business went into this year’s highly competitive Black Friday season with a winning strategy in place to attract potential customers to her online store. As a result of the shift in her audience targeting and creative, Lindsey had her best month in business yet! She now knows what her audience needs, and she’s ready to engage them and convert them into paying customers.


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