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Natural Dog Company

How we helped this natural product company scale from
$1500 a month in sales to $50,000

When Elice came to us, she had over 500K followers online, but she was only seeing about $1500 a month in sales.

She was doing very little advertising online. Her social media manager was boosting posts (gasp! horror!) and her team was pretty sure Instagram wasn’t worth it.

Over the course of 6 months of working with us, here’s what happened:


  • Her Return On Investment (ROI) increased from 330% to a whopping 881%
  • We consistently doubled sales each month over 4 months
  • The average Cost Per Purchase was cut by more than half (54%)
  • Data PROVED that 25% of Natural Dog Company’s sales came through Instagram (a platform she had previously thought was completely useless to her business)
  • Leads were consistently rolling in month over month resulting in record sales for December and January due to implementing a seasonal sales strategy

    Before working with Farideh’s team, I wasn’t clear on how many sales were coming through my social media channels but I knew it was a resource I wasn’t fully tapping into.

    – Elice

    How did we generate 5X ROI on her ad spend?


      • Set up a dynamic product catalog and use retargeting ads to engage warmer audiences
      • Increase sales during promotional periods
      • Drive more traffic to the website

      Elice loves to see results, but it’s difficult (dare I say almost impossible?) to track the ROI (Return On Investment) on boosted posts.Our first step was to get her account properly set up to track purchases.


      Have you ever been shopping online, found the perfect gift, didn’t buy and later was targeted with an ad for that exact same product you viewed earlier? That is the power of Dynamic Product Ads.

      Our first step was to get Elice’s dynamic product catalog up and running (honestly we were shocked at how much $ she was leaving on the table by NOT using one!)

      Creating a dynamic product catalog meant that we could create ads using a consistently updated feed of product data – images, prices and stock availability. As product listings are updated or items sell out, the DPA ads are automatically updated with real-time product information.

      By setting up a DPA campaign, we were able to retarget people who had already shown an interest in Elice’s products based on specific actions taken on the Natural Dog Company website.

      For example: if a customer added a product to their cart within the last 7 days, but didn’t purchase, we could show that potential customer an ad featuring the very product they almost purchased days before.

      With DPA campaigns, you can also create upsells, cross-sells or custom combination product listings.

      Before we implemented the product catalog and DPA campaigns, Elice was missing a huge opportunity for retargeting her most engaged audiences.


      Natural Dog Company loves to reward their loyal customers with discounts and bonus offers. Since Elice’s team had only been boosting posts to notify their Facebook fans of these offers, they were reaching only a fraction of their warm audiences.

      We began running promotional campaigns and discovered that Elice’s website visitors converted into customers at a much lower cost, and were much more engaged in her offers than her Facebook fans.

      Natural Dog Company also has an Instagram following of over 260,000 followers, but they had only been using organic reach on this platform. Using Instagram ads increased their promotional sales drastically.

      Learning more about her audience’s buying behaviour allowed us to appropriately allocate the ad spend budget between her audiences, where it would be most impactful, ensuring we were reaching those potential customers who were more likely to buy.

      Before investing in Facebook advertising, I wanted to make sure that whoever I worked with could show me proof of ROI. Farideh and Lindsey’s team did just that. The detailed reports I receive help me see every month that my advertising spend is making me money and I now know that 25% of my sales come through Instagram. 

      – Elice


      When using dynamic product ads, you need to be driving fresh, new audiences to your website. Otherwise, you are just showing the same ads to the same people (and let’s face it – ad fatigue does not deliver results).

      To grow Natural Dog Company’s engaged audiences, we implemented new campaign strategies to drive cold traffic to their ecommerce store.

       One of our most successful campaigns offered a special discount code for first time buyers. We ran this promotion to new audiences and saw great results. The total number of purchases increased by 9.5% – in just one month! This campaign successfully converted brand new audiences into customers and built our retargeting audiences with the goal of turning these first time buyers into repeat customers.


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