You aren’t a canned email  kind of business 


We don’t need to tell you how important email sequences are.

Welcome sequences
Abandon cart sequences
Keep coming back and purchase again sequences.


We’re not going to add to the slew of articles on why email marketing needs to be part of your sales funnel and everyday marketing strategy.

And we’re not going to share with you a step-by-step process for how to write those emails.

Nope. That is boring for us – and for you.

Those articles already exist – and you’ve already read them… or glanced at them while you ate lunch at your desk, answered a customer service question, or posted a product pic on Instagram.

What you need is those emails written FOR YOU by a REAL person – no bots here! 

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Need convincing on the power of email marketing?

Read this, and this, and this… or skip reading the articles and read the titles of these articles instead:


We’ve been building sales funnels and running online advertising campaigns for our clients for a LOOOOOOONG time.

We get pain points. We get having an authentic voice. We get the importance of a brand story. We understand the customer experience journey.

We don’t do templates. We don’t do formulas.

Your customers are people – and your emails should be personal.  

If you’re ready to stop ignoring your emails and put a sequence in place that’s authentic to your brand, we can help!

We meet with you, we learn about your business, and then we write those emails. Bamn! You’re done.

 It’s time to rethink why you’ve been neglecting your email marketing.  


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But wait! The BEST  PART

comes after those emails have been sent:

Cart abandonment rate improves: AMAZING!

Your customers leave reviews on you site: CREDIBILITY WIN!

Repeat purchases increase: CHA-CHING! 

Did you know that over 58% of people check their email before their social feeds when they first glance at their phone in the morning?

Email marketing is far from gone.

Over 60% of subscribers join an email list to get brand promotions, but your email sequences need to offer more than just discounts.

Your customers don’t need a templated email that they could receive from ANYONE.  

You’ve got a strong brand story.

Your business in one of a kind. 

Now it’s time to invest in emails that authentically represent your products, increase your sales and keep those customers coming back for more.

Together let’s explore what’s
possible for your business and determine your next steps to success. 

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At Ceaser & Bast, we analyze numbers, identify opportunities, and maximize profit.

No formula, no hocus pocus.

Just a complete understanding of the technology and the marketplace, leveraged to build real results for our clients.

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